Earlier on, a  number of people have been reporting their inability to access the pirate bay’s domains.

The reasons is very simple: You’re adding in the www prefix when you type in a URL.

Looks like this prefix requirement has been dropped from The Pirate Bay’s domains, and because there is no redirect, users are getting errors.

The Pirate Bay recently started redirecting users from its infamous thepiratebay.se domain to the following five domains: thepiratebay.mn, thepiratebay.gdthepiratebay.vg, thepiratebay.la, and thepiratebay.am.

The redirection was as reaction to a Stockholm District Court decision last month ordering that the domains thepiratebay.se and piratebay.se be seized.

If you still have www in any of your bookmarks, update them. Most websites don’t require www anymore, and they simply redirect users that still include the extra characters.

Via VB