Qualcomm predicts that smartphones will become the only computer

Smartphones will become our only computer in the near future. We will be able to do most of the at-home and at-work tasks with the help of these devices. We will watch most of our entertainment programmes on them. In short, the future is mobile – more than 8.5 billion smartphone units are forecast to be shipped between 2015 and 2019.

This was the broad theme that underlined all the discussions and demos at the Editor’s Week organized by Qualcomm. The US chipmaker is at the centre of this mobile and wireless revolution.

Derek Aberle, president, Qualcomm, said that smartphone technology is extending its reach in an unmatched scale in a wide spectrum of sectors and products such as automotive, mobile computing.

Paul E Jacobs, Qualcomm’s executive chairman, said the time has come to change the internet to make data more secure. “Data must be authenticated before one can use it,” he said. Qualcomm is in talks with other firms for this, he added. Jacobs predicted we will be watching all sports events in virtual reality in five years.


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