Lenovo has showed off a prototype of its Magic View smartwatch, which has a tiny projector on the band that makes images appear much bigger when you look into it.

This was at its Tech World gadget fest in Beijing.

The company says it has 120 patents on the projector, which can work independently of the main screen, effectively making the Magic View the world’s first dual-screen smart watch.

At the moment the watch is still a concept right and no one knows when it will appear.

On stage, Lenovo executives showed the Magic View putatively working, though due to the fact that only the person wearing the watch can see the projection, it was hard to tell just how advanced the concept was.

The watch will run Android Wear, and is based on Motorola’s Moto 360 Watch. Lenovo bought Motorola.

In the demo, the Magic View watch appeared to have overcome one of the big problems the Moto 360 suffered from: where the Moto 360 was missing a sliver of screen from its round face, to accommodate an ambient light sensor, the Magic View watch seemed to have a full face.

Via Afr