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Meet ResisTrack: The world’s 1st muscle fitness tracker & motivator

Cambridge entrepreneur and fitness expert Marco Daroczi announced the launch of a crowd-funding campaign for his newly-invented ResisTrack®, the world’s first muscle tracker, activity tracker and motivator. The campaign launched on Kickstarter on May 20th.

ResisTrack® is unlike other activity trackers on the market. It is the world’s only muscle workout tracker, pocket personal trainer, and social motivator. For the first time ever, users can monitor and track the exact force their muscles generate. “By seeing your actual efforts live on a screen, you’ll focus better than ever, making your workouts faster and more effective,” states Daroczi. “ResisTrack measures and records the force of your left and right muscles automatically with 100% accuracy in real-time in order to ensure symmetrical muscle development” – something not featured in any other fitness product available to the public or even to professional athletes.

After 15 months of development, the ResisTrack® is in its third prototype generation. Designed to operate in conjunction with resistance bands, cable machines and suspension trainers, ResisTrack® simply attaches to your fitness equipment, connects to an app on your smart phone, tablet or PC, and follows pre-selected goals to provide you with a personalised workout. Perfect for training at home, at the gym or outdoors, ResisTrack® can track both upper and lower body workouts. It is the ultimate muscle tracking tool. “The primary goal is to help you train your body fast and easy,” Daroczi explains, “ResisTrack is motivation on your side!”

The ResisTrack® Kickstarter campaign is seeking backers at the $9, $99 and $129 levels. Top-level backers can expect to receive their own ResisTrack® package complete with a special resistance band set. For more information see the Kickstarter page or watch their 3-minute video.


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