All major tech players are now embracing the “Internet of Things” including Microsoft,Facebook, and IBM, who have all made big announcements on this front recently.

Last week, Amazon revealed that its voice-controlled Amazon Echo smart speaker would also now control the lights and switches in your house, a further step towards the connected home envisaged by many.

PlayBrush has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring to market a gadget that transforms anytoothbrush into a game controller, to encourage kids to brush their teeth properly.

More established dental hygiene brands such as Oral-B already have Bluetooth connected contraptions too that track your brushing habits.

All we can say is that PlayBrush is entering tried and tested waters, with its own unique idea.

PlayBrush isn’t a smart toothbrush, it’s an add-on that’s retro-fitted to any toothbrush, meaning you can turn any toothbrush into a smart one.

PlayBrush will also cost $65 when it goes to market, but it can also be easily passed around the family and you don’t have to rely on the brushes provided by the companies themselves — you can use whatever style of brush you’re already accustomed to.

Via VB