How to ensure your company data is safe from Hackers

Every now and then, we hear about data breaches in different companies and organisations.

Hackers are constantly looking for loopholes in any system and often leave a number of companies vulnerable in case any system is compromised

Some breaches endanger hundreds of thousands of individuals associated with specific organizations.

Business leaders need to arm their businesses now so they can adapt to the next threat. has listed these seven steps to get started:

1. Build the business around security.
Security needs to be built into every aspect of a business. Establishing security controls often becomes more complicated the longer businesses wait, so it’s easiest and safest to found every aspect of a business with security in mind.

2. Strengthen every link in the chain.
It only takes one weak component to destabilize a whole business. Train every single employee to have security awareness. When working with engineers or third parties, make sure they have secure mindsets and don’t allow anything to be distributed until it’s absolutely secure.

3. Get your workflows right.
Secure DevOps isn’t a buzzword. Build awareness and adjust methodologies so security becomes a part of the cyclical workflow. If software is produced internally, be aware of development and operations workflows, and be constantly thinking about how operations can be connected with development.

4. Encrypt just about everything.
Follow best practices when it comes to encryption. Encrypt web traffic and make sure laptops have encryption turned on. Most vendors, including Apple, have the capability to remotely wipe information if a device is compromised. Use it.

5. Invest in security.
Just like any other part of a business plan, security needs to be budgeted. Attackers often have the latest tools and adapt quickly, so benchmark spending and invest in ahead-of-the-curve technology. The price tag for security needs varies, so regularly reassess and reinvest.

6. Build awareness into your continuity plan.
If “security response” hasn’t been rolled into the continuity plan, do so immediately. If a reliable way to solve security problems does exist, then it’s through awareness of threats and tools. Be constantly aware of the risks, and prepared to react against security slips.

7. Unite against hackers.
Don’t face the problem of data-hacking alone. Businesses can build safety in numbers by spreading awareness about secure practices, uniting with others and encouraging everybody to be aware of the latest developments in threats and protection.



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