Barnes and Noble is, hands-down, one of the largest booksellers in the nation. The company’s wide selections of books, magazines, newspapers, and games are enough to keep anyone busily engaged in learning or entertainment. Extending their reach from your bookshelf into all of your everyday activities, the company created their Nook e-readers and tablets, and then expanded their technological reach to Nook reading apps that are multi-platform friendly. You can link devices like your smartphone or tablet to your Nook apps and have access to your full Nook library.

What Can You Read
Nook reading apps offer access to over four million selections. These selections include books, magazines, children’s books, and newspapers. You can even get some books in audio book format. Many of the books available to download with the Nook reading apps for Android are free.

Device Options
There are several device options to which you can download the Nook reading app. The app can be downloaded to PC, Windows 8, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy. These options allow you to take advantage of the Nook reading app benefits without having to purchase a Nook device, or to sync your Nook device with other devices – this way, if your Nook is out of power, or you don’t have it on hand, you can still read your favorite magazine or get through the next chapter in the book you were reading. Now your time riding home on the train or waiting in the doctor’s office can be spent reading.

Benefits of Having Reading Materials on the Go
Since the Nook reading app is so device friendly, you can take your reading on the go. The Huffington Post explains that there are several benefits to reading. According to the online paper, people who read get more relaxed – a nice thing to do when you get off of work. The paper also claims that reading throughout your lifetime and continuing to exercise your brain when you grow older helps to keep your mind in shape and can prevent memory disorders like dementia.

Economical Library Building
CNBC hails the Nook reading app as a great choice for avid readers. Not only is the app itself free to download, but there are numerous free books that you can download and enjoy right away. The app also gives users access to a huge inventory of books that range from new releases to old favorites, listing them in convenient categories that, after some use, tailor themselves to your reading preferences. The app will suggest books for you based on what you have read before, in addition to current best sellers. This way, you can be introduced to books that you may not have previously looked into reading. The economic benefit of using an e-reader app is that the e-books cost less than traditional printed copies. You can get e-books on the app for prices ranging from around a dollar to around eight dollars, depending on how new the book is and the amount of content in the file. You can spend anywhere from five to twenty five dollars for an off-the-shelf book. The price savings mean you can buy more books, more often.

Anyone with a love of reading knows that books take up space and that space can easily get crowded and jumbled, making it difficult to find what you want to read, when you want to read. The new Nook reading app takes care of both of those problems. Avid readers can expand their library without having to expand their living space because the book files are stored on the application’s server, explains The site also notes that users of the app like the “Stacks” feature, which allows you to organize your reading materials in your own personal library based on a variety of categories. You have the ability to organize your stacks be book topic themes or publication dates as well as author names and titles. Keeping organized means you won’t lose a perfectly good book in a pile, essentially wasting money.

The Nook reading app by Barnes and Noble allows readers to have books, magazines, and newspapers on hand at any time. You can download the app to almost any device, including your Android smartphone or new iPhone 6S, making it easier than ever to carry your library with you. In addition to convenience get the added benefit of being able to enhance your organizational skills. The Nook app even helps you save money because you have automatic access to one million free books and if you don’t find what you are looking for amongst that massive list, you can purchase reading materials for less than the printed versions. With the new app, you can read on your phone while on the subway, or in a waiting room, meaning you can take a few minutes throughout your day to relax and flex your brain muscles, helping you to be more productive.