Microsoft has quietly released Picturesque Lock Screen, a free Android app that adds useful functions, handy shortcuts and beautiful images to your lock screen.

Picturesque Lock Screen features multiple screens that you scroll through and adds a Bing search bar, a customizable news feed, weather reports, device notifications, shortcuts to frequently used apps and settings toggles.

It also pulls in the daily Bing homepage image to use as a background and lets you swipe through images from the past week to use.


Picturesque sure looks good, but it might be a bit much for users who already have their home screens loaded with widgets and shortcuts. However, if you’re sticking with a launcher that does away with the app drawer entirely, this might be up your alley.

This is the second lock screen replacement to come out of Microsoft Garage; Next Lock Screen, which launched last October, is geared towards business users with a prominent calendar feed.

Via  TNW