Computer monitoring software can be heaven sent. Parents can use it to keep a more vigilant check on their kids, and employers can use it for data collection, performance reviews, productivity reports, etc. But all good things come with their own set of glitches and monitoring software is no different.

The Implementation

One of the biggest demons that anyone using a monitoring software like “” is the fact that it’s very hard to convince someone that they should let you monitor them. But that is precisely what you must do, irrespective of whether you’re a parent or an employer. Monitoring software gets a bad rep because it’s seen as computer hacking, spying, and even called malware in many cases. If it isn’t being done with trust then there’s no point in doing it because the person you’re trying to keep an eye on will find loopholes to manipulate the situation with.

Security Risks

Most monitoring software will save the data they collect on an online dashboard for review. This dashboard is mostly secure and only available to the person who bought the software. However, if someone doesn’t choose the right program or app then they could end up doing some serious damage. Imagine all that data falling into someone’s hands because of a data leak or a data breach.

So while the dashboard records all that precious data about all sorts of different things so that you can make sure your target user isn’t up to no good, someone else might swoop in and steal all of that data and do whatever they please with it.

Legal Issues Galore

While parents are in a pretty safe space when it comes to monitoring their children (who are under the age of 18), employers have to keep a lot of things in mind before they decide to implement such a policy. Monitoring a device that doesn’t belong to the company can result in big lawsuits from the employees. Moreover, any firm should ensure that they have a coherent policy set in place when it comes to monitoring their employees, and that this policy is one which their employees are well aware of. There are lines to be drawn between personal and official data as well. Under no circumstances can the firm monitor personal email accounts of any of their employees, for example.

The Little Things

Monitoring software that runs in the background will drain the life from the system. It is on a constant duty to record anything and everything. So you’re not just talking about laptops taking huge hits in terms of battery, we’re talking about the overall resources being used by the computer running out more quickly. If it’s hogging the RAM, what will other programs use? Slow systems and glitches are to be expected and we all know how frustrating they can be.

Using monitoring software can make a lot of things easy because of how effective and efficient these tools are at producing results. The problem is using them the wrong way or using one that isn’t that great at all. If those issues are covered then the rest should be okay.