whatsappvoivemessage, Facebook-owned mobile messaging app, WhatsApp might be landing on desktops in the near future.

According to an AndroidWorld.nl, the mobile messaging app that uses the smartphone’s SIM card to authenticate is still stuck to mobile devices so far, but that might be changing soon.

This comes after messaging app Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, said in an interview that WhatsApp has tried to poach his web app developer, raising suspicions that WhatsApp might be working on its own.

Yesterday, the Dutch blog AndroidWorld.nl discovered thatthe code in version 2.11.471 of the Android app (but not the newest one) has mentions of “WhatsApp Web,” logging in and out of computers, plus status and latest activity tracking in web sessions.

According to the WhatsAPI team, you will login with your WhatsApp account on the web using OAuth. The web client will send a request to your mobile client, and then log you in once you’ve accepted it on your phone. You will access this through the https://web.whatsapp.com address, which currently requests a Google account to log in.

Source: VentureBeat