Samsung begins working on Apple’s A9 processor

apple-a9The production of the A9 processor,the next generation ARM-based CPU for Apple’s iPhone and iPad by Samsung Electronics has started, ¬†according to the Korean IT Times.

This processor uses 14nm FinFET manufacturing, a cutting-edge design for semiconductors that many other manufacturers, including AMD, IBM and TSMC, are adopting.

It uses a new silicon substrate to reduce leakages, which means less power lost and less heat.

Samsung has production lines capable of FinFET process production in Austin, Texas and Giheung, Korea, but production is only taking place in Austin as it is in the initial stage. Samsung invested $3.9 billion in that plant specifically to make chips for Apple. So now Apple can say its CPU is “Made in America.”

Apple stopped manufacturing its chips with Samsung in 2012 and took its business to TSMC because of the legal issues between the two companies. TSMC is said to be a little bit behind Samsung in FinFET manufacturing.

Apple wants to work the bugs out of the manufacturing process, since FinFET is so new. New manufacturing processes usually mean really low yields in the beginning until the chip maker gets it right, and since FinFET is so new, Apple and Samsung may have wanted to get a jump on things.



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