Halo-5-Guardians-Multiplayer-Beta-Empire-Homeland-DefenseMicrosoft has shared two job openings within a new cloud-based Operating Systems Group, with one of the listings says the project is called “Arcadia.

According to  ZDNet Arcadia is a new streaming system built on the Azure cloud and is poised to replace Microsoft’s Rio game-streaming tech.

The report says that Arcadia will stream games and apps to Microsoft devices.

The new Operating Systems Group (OSG) Streaming team is leveraging the cloud to bring premium and unique experiences to Microsoft’s core platforms. These experiences take advantage of a new geo-distributed massively scaling service to redefine what is possible on today’s devices. The client team is building the user facing application(s), bridging the service and devices together seamlessly.

Our team is a small but growing and dedicated to solving one of Microsoft’s biggest business challenges in a creative fashion.”

The  job listings note that experience with iOS and Android app development is “a plus.”

Sony has its own game-streaming system, PlayStation Now, and that’s in beta on PS4, Vita and PS TV, well, now.

Via joystiq.com