Kenya Government launches ICT internship programme

Kenya westgateThe Kenyan Government together with the Private Sector have developed a programme to build ICT capacity in the public sector as well as improve upon efficiency and service delivery.

The Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) is expected to train graduates through an internship to develop ICT leadership skills. Through the initiative, 100 interns will be trained for a year in four quarters.

Fred Matiangi, the ICT Cabinet Secretary  revealed that the initiative is expected to develop an ICT talent pool.

The Programme is designed to use ICT for efficient and effective government, economic growth and job creation in line with the Jubilee manifesto, he added.

President Kenyatta welcomed the initiative as an important method for imparting skills on young talent.

“The programme is at the core of young people as it assists them to build capacity to participate fully in nation building,” Kenyatta said.

President Kenyatta directed that key ICT players should be involved with the national and county governments.

President Kenyatta also revealed that: “The public service of the future will require innovative use of ICT skills for efficiency in service delivery.”

Source: IT News Africa


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