shadowview-Steve-Roest1ShadowView drones have successfully assisted in the apprehension of rhino poachers which is a world first when it comes to intervention using drones.

This happened during an anti-poaching operation in the Greater Kruger Area,

The operation occurred several months ago and was recorded by a Dutch television crew.

“We couldn’t make this news public until now, because we promised the production company the exclusivity of broadcasting”, explains co-founder Laurens de Groot.

The footage was shown in the Dutch show “De Reunie”, reaching over two million viewers who instantly became aware of the harsh reality of fighting rhino poachers.

ShadowView translated aerial information from the drone into strategic directions for the ground forces.

One of the rangers reported via radio the poachers were heavily armed and immediately engaged upon sight. During the ensuing firefight, the rangers unfortunately killed one of the poachers.

“It’s incredibly sad to witness the loss of a life”, continues De Groot, “but sometimes during night in the African bush, the only possible response for rangers to heavily armed poachers is returning fire.”

ShadowView will continue its mission in Africa to stop poaching. The non-profit organisation believes arresting and prosecuting poachers successfully is critical in bringing an end to these horrible wildlife crimes.


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