Given the staunchly divided opinions Windows 8 elicited among its users, it should come as no surprise that the first look at the next iteration of the operating system has proven quite popular.

According to a blog post today by Windows guy Joe Belfiore, the Windows Insider Program hit 1 million registrants over the weekend. Though the post doesn’t specify how many people are actually using the operating system versus those who only registered to download, it does say the company has received over 200,000 pieces of feedback since the program started.

According to Microsoft, 64 percent of these users are running the Windows 10 Technical Preview directly, as opposed to the rest running it from a virtual machine. This indicates a good number of users are looking to see what the newest version of Windows would be like as their primary OS.

Microsoft is clearly keen on redeeming Windows’ image with Windows 10, emphasizing its desire to listen to user feedback as it looks back to the pre-Windows 8 era as much as it looks forward.


Credits TNW