DuckDuckGo search engine gets blocked in China

duckduckgo-homePrivacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo, which lives in Google’s enormous shadow, has joined its big rival and plenty of other western tech firms in being blocked in China.

The blockage was confirmed by DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg to Tech In Asia this weekend, adding that he believes it started a few weeks ago.

Weinberg says that he is unsure as to why the company got trapped in China’s internet censorship net.

A search for on the Great Fire censorship monitoring site suggests that the plucky young search engine was indeed first blocked around September 4.

Subsequent tests from Great Fire, which pings a range of URLs on a regular basis to identify whether they are blocked, suggest that the site is still not accessible in China.

DuckDuckGo has established itself as an option for those that appreciate its approach to privacy.

That point was illustrated when DuckDuckGo became the default private search engine for Apple’s Safari browser earlier this year.

Source: TNW



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