Apple Shutting Down Beats Music

Reports coming indicate┬áthat Apple plans to discontinue Beats Electronics’ music streaming service, Beats Music.

Dr DreBeats Music, which is under Beats Electronics is very similar to Spotify, Rdio, and other streaming music services.

The service requires you to pay $10 per month for unlimited access to songs from all the major record labels.

The service was one of the key reasons Apple bought Beats Electronics, which also makes popular headphones and other audio accessories.

However, it doesn’t seem likely that the product will completely go away. It’s more likely that Apple will take the Beats Music technology and incorporate it into iTunes and/or iTunes Radio.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently told Charlie Rose that he was so impressed with Beats Music that he “couldn’t sleep” after listening to it for the first time. That doesn’t sound like a product Cook would want to completely kill off.

Beats Music also has a neat feature that Apple might want to incorperate into future products. “The sentence” gives users the opportunity to select music based on their activity or location.

Source: BI


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