What If The Internet Went Down

Items available.It’s August 2014, Facebook goes down for a few minutes and the whole world goes crazy on Twitter with conversations and memes of how Facebook is down and in a few minutes it’s back on and the ranting stops but what if the Internet that runs Facebook,Twitter, Google, Amazon and other companies was to go OFF, what then do you think would happen?

I am one of those people who use the internet a lot to talk to my friends, to write this article for nice readers like you, before publishing someone has to go over my work, and I have to use the internet to get this article out to you and you will also need internet to read it. That put aside thousands of Ugandans today go to work and sit behind a laptop connected to internet and they have to do their jobs like that.

The Internet as we know is the  life blood of very many businesses and I know am being futuristic and some of you don’t see this happening at anytime but before you refuse my argument what If the 13 Root Servers of the internet were to go down, what then would happen? I will tell you that most of us who depend on the internet would have to go back to our villages and start digging for a living.

This Morning I asked a few people what would happen to them if the internet went off and here are some of the few I enjoyed.

George Bin Komacake (StandUp Comedian):

People forget that comedians are the ones who put the jokes on the net, then it becomes illegal for them to tell them afterwards. But hey without the net it would be had to love my work! Coz it would mean if  I want Zambia to watch my work  I have to go to Zambia! But with net I perform to 800 p in Kampala and reach millions of pipo through internet Whatsapp, YouTube, fb, email! Klaus the thought of switching off net should never cross the mind of the person who ever stays next to the switch.

Lorna Maria (Computer Engineering Student):

I don’t even want to think about it.anyways if internet ever went down I would be bored to death because I spend 80% of my time of the day over the internet learning new stuff and chatting with my friends and a mere disconnection would cause a lot of havoc.

Kyuka Isaac (Developer Lead):

Personally I would have to deal with my addiction to the internet, (cramps, madness and all that would come from its absence). For the world, it would mean going back a hundred/ thousand years in civilization.

Don Kepler (Africa IT Awareness Campaign):

With these Unemployment levels in Africa as a whole such open opportunities for scholarships, networking with professionals, jobs would all fade off. Entertainment wise Musicians would incur huge losses take a look at these online music stores like ITunes, MyZiki and a high Likelihood of dictatorship in Africa.

Well thanks for your contribution and incase you have something to add to this story just add it in the comments section.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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