microsoft-ces-boothMicrosoft will offer them a free Nokia Lumia phone to entice some of its Chinese Nokia workers to quit.

It is reported that Microsoft is giving away up to 300 Nokia 630 Lumia phones a day, first come first served, to those who offer to quit.

The cuts are part of Microsoft’s unprecedented 18,000-employee layoff, mostly from Nokia. The company is cutting about 4,700 Nokia jobs in China, leaving only about 300 Chinese Nokia workers on the payroll, Marketwatch reported.

The cuts have sparked some protests from workers in China.

We understand from a source that most of the Nokia cuts are coming from the feature phone side of the house, as Microsoft has no interest in keeping Nokia’s non-Windows Phone business. And its Chinese facilities are some of the oldest in Nokia’s fleet, according to Nokia.

So we’re not clear that these people are the ones actually building this phone, then being offered one as a prize to leave their jobs

Source: BI