What Happens Online Stays Online

A Big Thank you (2)Internet has brought a shift in the way we do things today, whether you are in San Francisco or Kampala this is the first time in civilization where you can get information instantly. We represent the Information age era and we have the responsibility to use all these technologies around us to do good and be the better versions of ourselves.

We all know the craziness that goes on over the internet, from Cyber Stalking to Hacking and with the NSA – Snowden revelations, we all know our information online is not safe, from the post we send online to the drunk pictures we share with our friends security is becoming an issue for many of us.

I feel ashamed sometimes I see some of my old posts on Facebook and much as these were posted when I was in a happy state back then, someone trying to search for my information online will always stumble upon such pictures and they will judge me according to how I was not how I am. I know Google is trying to solve this problem but shouldn’t some things we post online Just stay online? Are we not entitled to a little Privacy?

I’ve met a few people who are taken in high regard online but when you get to meet them offline they are not what you expected, in fact a friend of mine saw my Facebook photo and when they met me they were totally disappointed at how I looked. You should leave what you see online that side, because we are all a bunch of beautiful creatures when it gets to the internet.

I asked a few friends to tell me about the things they have done online that they were not so proud of and here are some of the reactions I got.

Kidd :

During a global competition once, teams were required to solicit for votes for their ideas in order to go to the next level, so my team decided to create fake accounts in order to vote for ourselves. cut story short, the Ghananians were better than us at doing this. What’s hilarious about this was the fake usernames and email addresses we had to come up with. It was the odd of all weirdest.

Yosef :

I have NEVER been Facebook friends with any of my girlfriends, reason my relationship status is “IN AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP” 

I know we all have tried some of these bad habits online but all I ask everyone is to keep your online habits online and not let them affect your offline life. I couldn’t imagine being a real pirate in real life, that stuff is for the internet and should be left there if not left alone in the first place.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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