Google Giving Away $1 Million In Little Box Challenge

When was the last time you wanted to be a Millionaire but didn’t have a clue how, well I have good news for you so stopping having that ‘De Javu’ where you see your self on the beach with a cocktail and a Cuban and put your thinking cup on because Google is giving away a Million Dollars for anyone who can build a much smaller power Inverter.

I know for a minute there you thought they were giving away free money (‘shame on you‘), Google is looking for someone who will design and build an inverter with the highest power density and that is atleast 50 Watts per cubic inch and if what I just said rhymes to your ears then this challenge is for you.

Inverters are small devices which take direct current and turn it into alternative current that can be used in cars and maybe our homes. The problem right now is that the Inverters we have are so big and making smaller ones will help bridge the gaps of electricity distribution to even the remotes parts of the world.


With all that in mind, Google is looking for brilliant people like you who can scale down an inverter from the size of a water cooler to something like a laptop or a phone or even a USB like  in Revolution(“the TV show”) ok am joking about this last one but wouldn’t it be amazing to have all that power distributed by very small inverter?

If you accept the challenge, then head out to the website and register to get started.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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