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SwiftKey Keyboard Now Free For Android

SwiftKey Keyboard one of the best android third party keyboards is now free for all android users. The app which has previously charged $3.99 is now free to everyone with up to $4.99 theme pack available to everyone who will use the app. This is a move no one would have anticipated but I personally like there shift to having in app purchases and making the app available for all android users. I have captured a few features that I find useful for anyone who might download the Keyboard

1.  Emoji Prediction: With more than 800 Emoji available for you to choose from, SwiftKey’s recent update now lets the keyboard to predict an emoji that matters to the context in which you are typing. The engine will remember contexts in which you use certain emoji and it will predict the emoji relevant to your words. For example if I want to say Awesome ‘News’ you notice how it predict the Newspaper to enable this feature  go to Settings > Advanced and check the ‘Emoji prediction’.

news news2

2. Number Row: You can now add a number row to your keyboard that way you will not have to switch between QWERTY and Number keyboard layouts. This is something that frustrates a lot of people while they are typing and I think it is a nice update to the keyboard. You can add your numbers to the keyboard from Settings > Layouts.


3. Other Cool features: SwitKey has been known for it’s nice dock-able keyboards and on top of this they have added the SwiftKey Flow which allows you to glide your fingers across the keyboard to type really fast and with a lot of accuracy. More to this feature is that it also comes with the prediction of what word you might want to type next.

This is an update, that I would never have anticipated and so are some of you who knew about SwiftKey, so don’t let me spoil the party for you. Go Ahead and download SwiftKey Keyboard from Google Play Store and Let us know what you think in the comments section.




Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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