Rwanda’s Defence Forces to upgrade their Cyber Security department

Rwanda defence forcesThe Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) are in the process of  putting in place a stronger and more equipped cyber department that would focus on protecting national Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

The Minister for Defence, James Kabarebe disclosed this while presenting the ministerial budget framework paper to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Budget and Patrimony.

“It’s important that the ICT infrastructure gets protected. Every national sector uses ICT, you, therefore, need to protect the infrastructure, and so the cyber Unit will do precisely that,” he explained.


He said that a cyber Unit has been in existence, but they seek to give it the required capacity and build it progressively to effectively carry out its mission.

“We have trained personnel, and we are in the process of acquiring the necessary equipment to make the unit work effectively,” Kabarebe added.

The cyber unit has been allocated Rwf 1.1 billion from the ministry’s budget.

He further told Parliament that the defence and security sector prefer quality to quantity, when it comes to the mainstreaming of gender policy in the state budget.

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