Symantec Opens New Customer Management Centre to Deliver World Class Customer Experience across Europe, Middle East and Africa

symantec-1Symantec has today announced that it has established and opened a new Customer Management Centre (CMC) to provide a world-class experience for its customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Symantec will make it easier for customers and partners to interact with the company by bringing together a multi-function, centralized customer center for sales and support with a focus on helping small businesses, governments and enterprise organizations.

“Symantec makes the world a safer place by helping people, businesses, and countries protect and manage their information, so they can focus on achieving their goals. The ground-breaking initiative is a strategic investment that will extend the company’s scale to reach more customers than we have ever done before,” said Jason Ellis, vice president for EMEA Customer Management Centre, Symantec.

“The launch of the CMC is another proof point to Symantec’s strategy of making it easier to do business with us, while also delivering a world-class customer experience solving more customer problems.”

The hub of the CMC activity is centered out of Dublin, Ireland with other strategic satellite operations located in UK, Lebanon, France and Russia to extend its reach across the broader Europe, Middle East and Africa region.  The CMC currently supports multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish and Dutch among others.

The new centre will provide a Europe-wide sales and support function to provide customers and partners with a single place to call, making it easier for them to reach Symantec and solve their important challenges.  The CMC is also responsible for delivering an enhanced partner support function, demonstrating Symantec’s continued commitment to developing improved collaboration with its channel.

Through the establishment of the Customer Management Centre, Symantec created up to 200 new job opportunities in 2013 and will continue to fill the CMC with a highly skilled, multilingual team to play a central role in achieving Symantec’s mission of protecting and managing customers’ information.


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