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Why Facebook buying WhatsApp is bad for you

whatsapp-feat-840x420So Facebook beat Google to WhatsApp, although Google was willing to offer more than whatever Facebook was offering.

Google was mainly interested in keeping it away from Facebook. The acquisition has left so many questions unanswered, and in my Opinion, i believe the users stand to loose on this deal.

Privacy Concerns

If your information is either Facebook or Google, you have a right to be worried about the privacy of your information. After failing to aquire Snapchat, Facebook’s move toward WhatApp has left many people feeling that their messages and conversations are going to be made available to more people. It wouldnt have been different from Google since it has a habit of syncing one user account across all applications.

Facebook was previously unable to access users information like Phone contacts and Credit card information,  unless people connected their address books to Facebook Messenger, or provided Facebook with credit card information to donate to various non-profit. With the deal, all your Phone contacts are now with Facebook.

Ads in conversations

Since we started using WhatsApp, we have enjoyed ad-free chats, Facebook is a business venture which looks at making profits. Its main source of Income is Ads, Do you think Facebook would make an acquisition where it doesn’t expect to reap from? Do not be surprised if you see adds in your Chat in the near future.

WhatsApp has been growing with over 1 million users being added every day. In some countries like USA, Brazil, China, Indonesia and South Africa, People use WhatsApp more than Facebook Messenger, will the Apps be turned into one? Will leave that question to you to answer.


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