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Introducing AVG Zen (Video)

Everything is becoming more and more connected making “the internet of things” more interesting. As more devices join the internet, you get worried how you will keep them all protected.

AVG has taken a giant leap towards this goal, and made a product that represents a shift in how we perceive and control our online security called AVG Zen™.

AVG Zen connects the devices from desktop to mobile, the data, and the people behind them together in one simple package with the aim of making our complicated digital lives much simpler. Through one app, AVG Zen makes it easy for users to see the security and privacy settings of all their devices from a single place.

What’s more, AVG Zen provides a single place for AVG’s 177 million active users to protect their connected devices and their personal data.

The idea behind AVG Zen is to place the individual with all of these devices back in control of their data and their security as we believe that through control comes choice.

Another great thing about AVG Zen is that it gives customers a consistent user experience across all devices so that even beginners can quickly learn how to manage and secure their multiple devices with ease.  At least that is one thing that is getting simpler in an increasingly complex world.

But lastly, and most importantly, AVG Zen is designed to give real people peace of mind as they go about their daily lives. As the Internet becomes the center of our connected world, AVG Zen is there to connect the dots.

See Video below:

Source: AVG


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