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Here is Nokia’s Android Phone

nokiaxMicrosoft’s Nokia has just announced the Nokia X, X, and XL phones, three low-cost phones running on an Android-based operating system.

Nokia has been working with Microsoft on Windows phones since 2011. and Microsoft is currently in the process of acquiring Nokia for $7 billion.

The phones were announced by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop at industry event MWC in Barcelona.

The phones use a forked version of Android, which allows users to get access to the hundreds of thousands of Android apps.

Nokia X runs Android applications, but uses Microsoft services. It takes people to Microsoft’s cloud, not Google’s cloud,” said Elop. 

The Nokia X is a 4-inch phone that will cost 89 Euros, and is available immediately. The Nokia X+ will be 99 Euros, and it will have more storage. Nokia is also rolling out an XL phone, which has a 5-inch screen. The X+ and XL will be out in early Q2. The X phones will be rolling out “broadly,” but starting in “high-growth markets.”

Source: Business Insider


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