Developers behind Coinyethe only crypto-currency to use a hip-hop visionary’s likeness as its theme have called it quits.

If you visit their website, which was once a proud boast of the currency’s existence emblazoned with a cartoon of West as a fish on a gold coin, you will see simple JPG reading, “Pool’s Closed.”

The creators of Coinye, who remain anonymous, intended it as a widely democratic alternative to more popular online currencies like Bitcoin.


Kanye West’s lawyer Brad Rose sent a cease-and-desist letter Jan. 7, right ahead of the currency’s launch but Coinye’s developers appeared undaunted. West’s associates then filed a trademark infringement suit Tuesday, according to the New York Post.

You can’t tell nothing to whoever runs Coinye’s Reddit account, though. “What I would really like to see is a twitter bot to send coinyes,” redditor u/coinye wrote Tuesday. “If this coin goes down, the least we can do is send a massive amount to [Kanye] in hopes to change his mind.”

Source: Daily Dot