Uganda Readies for New Telecom Operator

give_us_a_nameA new mobile operator is setting the stage for the launch of its operations in Uganda and a number of other East African companies. With no name disclosed so far, the upcoming “innovative, socially responsible and maverick telecom operator” is offering internet users the opportunity to participate in the naming process with a campaign dubbed “Give Us a Name”.

With a promise being to raise the bar for subscribers, the new telecom, launching simultaneously in Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi with a creative “Give Us a Name” online and SMS campaign is giving East Africa the opportunity to nominate and vote for the best name.

The first phase of the “Give us a Name” campaign will run up to 4th-December-2013, on-line, via SMS and on Facebook. In this phase, East Africa is being asked to propose names they would like the new telecom that is a real catalyst of change, a partner of the people and invest in communities to better their lives, to be called.

You can make your proposal by logging on to this website  or this Facebook page and participate.

In phase two of the campaign from 12th to 22nd December, a shortlist of names from phase one will be submitted to the population to vote for the most unique and creative name.


At the end of the campaign, a token of gratitude will be given to 45 of those who proposed the most liked names, and to those who voted for the first name.  This will range from the most recent mobile devices to unlimited products and services for a whole year.

This new mobile network operator will be investing as a priority to improve lives in the community and countries in which it operates, and ensuring that people are empowered to be the driver of their destiny.

Earlier this year, Buganda Kingdom’s K2 Telecom launched bringing the total of licensed industry players to over 70. The company has since struggled to make an impression, on the market, and other factors have led to the takeover of Warid Telecom, which was until it’s takeover by Airtel, one of the third largest in terms of subscriber base.


Albert Mucunguzi

Award-winning Founder of PC Tech Magazine and current Chairman of ICTAU.
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