kenya_mall_attack_AP133838430825_fullwidth_620x350Simon Kaheru, Chairman of the ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAUg) issued a statement about how ICT can contribute to the efforts towards the Westgate Mall Tragedy for Ugandans in Kenya.

As of writing this a number of people are dead and others still trapped in the mall with hostages who claim to be members of AlShabab.  We are not yet sure how many Ugandans were in the Mall and are still there.

Simon Kaheru posted and said the best ways to use social media and he shared a message which can be sent out by everyone who uses social platforms. You can send this message and it’s variation;

All Ugandans in Kenya right now, please confirm your whereabouts by calling each other up and sending details either to the FB Group: Ugandans_in_Kenya or twitter with @jnabwire or by emailing (if you’re a registered member). (Share this on your Wall).

For Ugandans who may have traveled to Nairobi and are roaming, the telecommunication networks should have records of them. Simon suggested that the networks should send them messages to have them confirm their status and whereabouts. This is because as for now all Ugandan Mobile numbers should have been registered and the networks should be able to provide an accurate list of subscribers who may have been in Nairobi and even right at Westgate during the attacks. He also added another suggestion that ISPs could cooperate and implement a location check service to verify people’s locations.

For the Uganda High Commission in Nairobi, he suggested that they should ideally have a database complete with contact details of all Ugandans in Kenya and Nairobi, though he called for techies and members of the ICT sector in Uganda to identify ways of how they can help with the above idea.

With all the above and more ideas, ICT sector in Uganda can be seen as helpful and relevant to the country and its citizens.

Credit: UGO