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Nintendo site hacked, names, email addresses and phone numbers possibly compromised

nitendoClub Nintendo, a loyalty program that gives players exclusive products in exchange for registering their consoles and games, has been hacked.

The company launched an investigation on July 2 after witnessing a “large” number of errors on the site. Nintendo can now confirm that 23,9326 unauthorized log-ins occurred between June 9 and July 4, as well as over 15 million attempts.


The video game giant says users’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses may have been affected as a result of the breach. Any unauthorized use of Club Nintendo points, the virtual currency used to buy rewards, has not been confirmed at this time.

None of the goods and services sold through Club Nintendo require payment, so there’s absolutely no chance of any credit or debit card information being leaked as part of the breach. Players can only redeem prizes based on the points they receive for each registered game or console, somewhat reducing the impact of the hack.

Source: TNW

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