Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization forms a strategic alliance with the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance

download (4)The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) to work collaboratively to strengthen the security of Cyberspace, primarily within the Commonwealth.

Formed in 1901, the CTO is the oldest and largest Commonwealth organization in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), with over 40 Commonwealth countries and more than 100 other stakeholders, including the private sector, as members. Cyber security is one of the six focus areas of CTO’s work under its strategic plan for 2012-16, in view of the importance of safety, security and resilience of ICT channels, in order for ICTs to be leveraged for socio-economic development. By raising awareness, building capacity and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships, the CTO works with its stakeholder network spread across the Commonwealth and beyond, to create a Cyberspace where interaction, innovation and entrepreneurship thrives.

ICSPA is a not-for-profit, business-backed global Alliance with members and partners from business, government, law enforcement and academia that seeks to enhance the online safety and security of business communities by assisting governments and law enforcement agencies in the fight against cybercrime. With a membership network spanning many regions of the world, the ICSPA delivers its mandate by acting as a bridge for the flow of resources and expertise from the private sector to governments and law enforcement authorities.


The CTO and ICSPA will begin their work with Commonwealth countries by carrying out cybercrime and security Impact Assessments to help determine the true nature and scope of attacks against both private and public sector entities.  Following this Assessment, a gap analysis conducted across government departments and critical national infrastructures will help build the business case by which governments can decide precisely how to implement their cyber resilience strategies – in what priority, at what cost and over what period of time.

Speaking on the signing of the MoU Prof Tim Unwin, Secretary General of the CTO said “I am delighted that the CTO has entered into a MoU with ICSPA. Organizations such as ICPSA are central to our cyber security agenda, considering the key role private sector plays generally in the field of ICTs. I am certain that this relationship will result in further strengthening public private partnerships which are so fundamental to our work on cyberspace.” Adding his thoughts, John Lyons, ICSPA Chief Executive said “We are delighted to be joining forces with the CTO to provide the assistance of the business community to governments and law enforcement agencies that request our help.  Many countries in the Commonwealth face significant challenges in the field of cybercrime and security.  By combining the expertise, knowledge, skills and experience of the CTO and ICSPA’s Members, I believe that we are well placed to help Commonwealth nations realize the enormous advantages Cyberspace can bring to their economies, to their business communities and most importantly, to their citizens.”