cycleBerlin-based Clue is new free app, which helps women track and better understand their cycles, had gone live in Apple’s App Store. Backed by London’s Hoxton Ventures, the app brings Quantified Self-type tracking tools to women’s fertility: It prompts women to enter data about their period, mood, cramps, basal body temperature and other indicators and then learns from the data to predict a woman’s most fertile days.

For now, the app only crunches an individual’s data to pinpoint her “fertile window.” But founder Ida Tin said that as soon as next month, the app will ramp up its big data engine to analyze an individual’s data within the context of other user data to better predict when a woman is most likely to conceive.

Clue plans to reach women with tools that enable them to track their cycles generally and that specifically help them get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, Tin said. While she declined to share any details on how the hardware would work, she said it would help the company cover all three needs.

Plenty of Quantified Self gadgets are already on the market, like the Jawbone, Nike Fuelband and Fitbit  that monitor a user’s activity. So it seems unlikely that the company would take its hardware in that direction (especially since it’s easy to integrate with those devices, as Ovuline does). But it’s possible that the company could be working on a basal body thermometer that plugs into the iPhone and makes it easier to record daily temperatures or something along those lines.

Source: GiGaOM