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Warner Bros and NBC Universal want Kim DotCom’s Mega deleted from google’s search results

NBC Universal and Warner Bros. have contacted Gookim-dot-com-megagle to request that Mega, the file storage and sharing service founded by Kim Dotcom, be removed from all of its search results.

A takedown request was filed by NBC Universal on April 24, which claims copyright infringement over the film Mama, directed by Guillermo del Toro. Over 2,000 links are listed as part of the complaint.

Warner Bros. filed a similar request on April 15 over the film Gangster Squad. Mega is listed in the URL list for both Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) notices, but is not featured exclusively. Other prominent file-sharing services such as Mediafire and Freakshare are also listed among the accused infringing links.

Both parties have also asked Google to de-list Mega’s homepage from its search index.

Kim Dotcom, who also founded the file sharing service Megaupload, has hit back at the action reportedly taken by Warner Bros. and NBC Universal.

“The Warner Bros. and NBC Universal requests to Google are censoring our entire homepage,” he said. “This is in line with the unreasonable content industry behavior we have experienced for years.”

He pointed to the takedown of the Megaupload song, requested by Universal Music and the shutdown of the Megaupload site as “the ultimate takedown by the content industry.”

“The constant abuse of takedown rules and the ignorance of DMCA obligations by the content industry are based on the confidence that the current U.S. administration is protecting this kind of behavior,” he added. “The political contract prosecution of Megaupload is the best example.”

Credit: TNW


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