Flipboard Comes to Android

flipFlipboard has brought its magazine curation service to Android devices. The popular service has released an update that will now bring in features iOS device owners have been experiencing for the past couple of months. In addition, to allow better organization with individually curated magazines, Flipboard has unveiled a new Web-based editor.

For those who appreciate consuming various sources of information on Flipboard, starting today, the service has added the global financial news right into the app, pulling data from the Financial Times.

Referred to as version 2.0, this update now lets Android owners create their own feed centered around topics, events, or any personal interest. Previously, the only content available came from sources pulled by Flipboard’s editorial team. Now anyone can create their own publication and share it with the world.

Since its introduction back in April, many people have been eager to try it out. With the first two weeks of its deploy, Flipboard not only added 3 million new users, but they created 500,000 new magazines, with many of them coming from the US, the UK, Japan, Canada, and Spain. Half of all of Flipboard version 2.0 users are also reading magazines everyday.

When it made its debut, Flipboard’s magazine creator tool only worked on iOS devices, but still was viewable on Android apps. Now, users can create their own magazine without needing to worry about the platform that they’re using.

Source: The Next Web

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