THE Chinese Government yesterday donated seven buses and state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment to the National Defence College (NDC) to enhance learning at the premier defence learning institution. The equipment has already been installed at the institution while experts from China have been seconded to train locals to enable them operate and maintain the equipment.

“The donations to the NDC by the People’s Republic of China are a result of the long standing cordial relations between the People’s Republic of China and Zimbabwe. Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa commended the Chinese for the donation.

The Government of Zimbabwe adopted the Look East Policy that promotes trade and diplomatic ties with the economic giant. The invaluable assistance that continues to be rendered to the NDC by the People’s Republic of China is a clear indication of the achievements of this noble and strategic policy,” he said.

A Memorandum of Understanding for the provision of military aid to Zimbabwe had been signed between the two countries last year with the donations received by the NDC being part of the package under the agreement. He thanked China for its continued support to Zimbabwe.

Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Lin Lin, said the donated equipment would modernise the training of the country’s defence forces.

“The installation of ICT’s not only promotes the college facilities but promotes the advancement in ICT application, China insists on equality with other countries despite size, wealth and strength. China’s co-operation with Africa is based on mutual respect, equality and shared development paths,” he said.

He said China would soon ship a fully equipped ambulance for the NDC and a 169 KW solar power system. Last year China also donated furniture to the college. The college has enrolled students for a National Defence Course and Master of Science Degree in International Relations.

Credit: The Herald