This website tells you how rich you are compared to the whole world

rich-listPoke London is relaunching the Global Rich List, a site which compares your wealth with that of the rest of the world.

The Global Rich List was built to challenge the “perceptions promoted by Forbes and Times rich lists that western readers are comparatively poor.” You might be surprised to find how high you rank.

Before you swell with pride, let’s put something in perspective: according to Poke London, a family of five living just above the poverty line in the US is actually “the one percent” compared to the rest of the world. Of course, numerous other factors, like high volumes of debt, weren’t taken into consideration with that statistic, but it’s still jaw-dropping none the less.

The creators tell us that the updated service “uses complex, real-time financial data API’s,” and has a donation component for to help visitors contribute if they’re feeling generous with their newfoundwealth. Are you the 1%?

Go check your number now and prepare to come back feeling braggy.

Credit: TNW


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