“Jaguza”: New app to aid your celebration

Jaguza founder, Catherine Nassimbwa
Jaguza founder, Catherine Nassimbwa

Jaguza, a Luganda word that means celebrate, is an e-Commerce Web and Mobile application designed to connect service providers and vendors to clients planning to celebrate.

Jaguza Limited as a company tries to address “access to information by enabling the user to explore alternative service providers and plan that cherished celebration such as a wedding, introduction ceremonies, birthdays and religious ceremonies to mention but a few, in the comfort of their space”.

With the new app, the user can view profiles, locations, reviews & ratings, contact information of service providers, and share using SMS, email and social media.

One feature, J-Planner, enables users to compare prices, budget, create a to-do list, wish list, countdown, and manage their event guest book. Jaguza also webcasts the latest in the world of entertainment from concerts to movies and theatre.

Founded by Catherine Nassimbwa, a graduate of the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering of Makerere University while undertaking a Human Computer Interaction course on Coursera (, the Jaguza application comes in not only to connect the vendors and service providers to clients who plan to celebrate, but also serves to educate the masses about the rich cultural fabric associated with such events.

Catherine’s team of engineers is comprised of Allan Muhumuza (the Java Web Application Developer), John Paul Otim, Edward Ssemuwemba, and Timothy Asiimwe (Android and iOS Mobile Application Developers).

A lot of attention has been focused on coming up with applications that improve the way Africans work in different sectors mainly healthcare, agriculture, and financial management (Mobile Money).

In Catherine’s opinion, the African social lifestyle has been left out of this race. Access to information pertinent to events is still a very big challenge in Africa. Often one will rely on word of mouth to get a meaningful fit with services providers and vendors when planning a wedding, graduation party, religious functions, etc. With Jaguza, this information has been made available at the click of a button.

Jaguza is available for free download on Google Play.

Look out for a full app review on PC Tech Reviews.


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