How Tunisians Use Social Media

social_media_icons_20Tunisia is the second most connected country in Africa in terms of internet penetration rate. UM Digital Tunisie, a media communications agency, has collected data about how Tunisians use the Internet: what browsers, search engines, and social networks are the most popular, and how much time Tunisians spend online.

Check out their findings in the infographic below:

  • Surpassing Egypt and Algeria, Tunisia boasts an internet penetration rate of 39.1%, which remains below Morocco’s 51% internet penetration rate.
  • Despite its small size, Tunisia ranks 10th in Africa in terms of number of internet users, with 4.4 million users.
  • 86.3% of Tunisians use chat and 60% stay online all day.
  • Google is very popular in Tunisia; 62% of internet users prefer Chrome over other browsers, compared to a mere 10% who favor Internet Explorer.
  • 97% of internet users prefer Google over other search engines to search online.
  • When it comes to favorite mobile platforms, however, there’s no clear winner; Symbian, Android, Nokia, and iOS are neck and neck, each preferred by around 20% of mobile users.
  • The 3 most visited international websites are Google, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Facebook is extremely popular; 3.4 million Tunisians use Facebook, for a penetration rate of 33%, making Tunisia the 47th biggest country in the world in terms of Facebook users.
  • 42% of those Facebook users are women, and only 17% are older than 35 years old.
  • In the last month, 100% of those surveyed have accessed Facebook.
  • Tunisia boasts 10,800 active Twitter users. Since the beginning of the revolution, Twitter has played a major role as a source of information, with hashtags being widely used to follow up on the situation.
  • The country also has over 240,000 LinkedIn users, 48% of which are women. Most members work in ICT, software development, and telecommunications fields.

Source: Wamda


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