CComputer-Warehouse-Groupomputer Warehouse Group (CWG) in collaboration with IBM and Infosys have introduced IT transformation solutions for the financial services sector in East Africa. This was revealed at the just concluded business technology summit held in Uganda.

The summit was organized by CWG Uganda, a member of the pan African Systems Integration Company, CWG and attracted participants from all the major financial companies in Uganda and the East African region with the theme “Driving Finacle core banking application on IBM Power7 and storage” provided a forum to discuss and create awareness about “Finacle core banking application on IBM power systems and storage”.

Somas K Balasubramanian the Client Technical, Architect, IBM MEA, in his a presentation titled “IBM STG Solutions to accelerate the Banking Transformation Projects with IaaS Cloud” spoke about the key challenges in the banking industry ranging from operations integration, service operations to market share demand/ Growing revenues.

He spoke on how banks can align their IT services with business objectives and how they can improve the quality of their service while reducing long term costs on IT.

He also touched on the topic of governance, policies, processes and methodologies with regards to Cloud computing, and how IBM can support banks in their journey in the banking industry where IBM has partnered with banks to achieve Smart cloud objectives.

Similarly, Neeraj Bajpai, ISV & SI’s Architect, IBM & Open Group certified IT Architect in his presentation titled “Why Power Systems are Important: Transform your business with IBM Power Systems” spoke about factors that banks should consider when choosing a hardware platform for their Core banking application. Neeraj explained how IBM’s systems high performance, energy efficient servers are ideal for multiple applications and infrastructure workloads while providing one architecture design that supports banking transactions at optimum performance and cost.

He further talked about the IBM/ Finacle value proposition to the banking industry where IBM is the number 1 Unix server maker in the world.

Also how Finacle integrates and uses IBM technologies such as websphere, Infosphere, Filenet and Rationale.

He also highlighted some of the benefits derived from deploying your core banking application on IBM power servers such as: TCO, Scalability, optimized computing resources, improved server utilization rate, enhanced workload request, approve, capture, deploy process management and control while reducing image deploy time from 2-4 weeks to a few hours for the development and testing workloads amongst other features and benefits.

Michael Manzi, Country Manager, CWG Uganda who spoke at the summit said that, “The trend in the industry today is that customers increasingly feel more comfortable to engage a Single Responsibility Partner (usually the software provider, who has impeccable credentials in hardware as well). This significantly increases the success factor, and drastically reduces the points of failure in the project by eliminating the resort to finger pointing by many vendors and CWG has over time proved herself as such a Partner with leadership skills and resources in Software, Hardware and Database”.

Credit: Vanguard