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This site lets you pretend you have your own Wikipedia page

I’m on Wikipedia” serves a single, hilarious purpose: to give you your very own Wikipedia page (kinda).

Given how wildly popular Wikipedia is — it’s currently the 5th most popular site in the world — it is understandable why many would like to see themselves on the crowd-sourced encyclopedia. Unfortunately, you’ll need to reach at least a minute level of fame to make that happen properly.

Created by digital agency Go UFO, I’m on Wikipedia can be thought of as a handy shortcut for showing off to your mum, or a funny way to mess with friends. Here it is, in action:

wiki page


If your interest is piqued, visit the link below to try it out.

➤ I’m on Wikipedia

Credit: TNW


Jeddy Genrwot

Jeddy "The Jedi" is a budding professional with extensive conceptual knowledge in Web Development technologies and Computer Systems. "In like" with the Internet Startup space and cloud computing. A passionate gamer and social media enthusiast.
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