MTN-Inspire-AfricaInspire Africa began as a Human Capital Development organization with the sole goal of engineering successful entrepreneurship in Africa. After the launch of Inspire Africa Season One, the show amassed thousands of viewers in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Eventually Inspire Africa realized the need of an innovative and more efficient way to teach Business and entrepreneurship. With the trends in TV viewership rising, Inspire Africa saw an opportunity in the niche market that is television and created a TV reality show.

Today Inspire Africa has launched yet another Local TV reality show, ‘Sawa Ya Cash’. Sawa Ya Cash literally meaning ‘Cash hour’, is the first edition of the local reality television series in which, locally selected and trained entrepreneurship candidates compete to win 5,000,000/- worth of business start-up capital every week for a period of 15 weeks. The TV series is a Luganda show that will be aired on Bukedde TV every Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00pm – 8:30pm.

Inspire Africa has partnered with MTN Uganda its key executive sponsor and Bank of Africa to produce the TV show. MTN Uganda, under MTN business has committed efforts to support entrepreneurship in Uganda.

“Since we launched in Uganda 15 years ago, we have given many people a platform to start and grow in businesses by partnering with us in our sales and distribution function, MTN Mobile money as well as MTN business partnerships. To date, many people have become millionaires by working with us and we are very proud to be able to make this contribution to individual’s lives as well as to the economy, said Ernst Fonternel, MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer.

“Our partnership in Sawa Ya Cash is just another demonstration of our commitment to empower our customers and make their lives better. And this is something we do through a number of initiatives. ” Fonternel further explained.
Over the years there has been a phenomenal growth particularly in the SME market and this has formed the backbone of Uganda’s economic growth. It is with this in mind that MTN has consistently supported this section of the economy. MTN has over the last two years partnered with KPMG to provide business and financial literacy training to two groups of 100 selected Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Sawa Ya cash will entertain, inspire and empower millions of viewers with dynamic content and a sneak peek into the lives of successful local businessmen in the country. The show will show case the success stories of extraordinary individuals that have shaped Uganda’s economy and transformed lives of people. This is all aimed at educating the viewers about the different opportunities there are in several business sectors. The specific objective is to teach business and entrepreneurship in a more local and simplified way.

In every episode, there will be a hot and exciting business debate of 5 contestants presenting their business ideas to the panel of Senior Entrepreneurs. In this debate they will clearly illustrate how they will enter the market and sustain themselves if given a startup capital of 5,000,000/- . The winning candidate will be selected by a unanimous decision of the Judges, based upon the practicability of their business Idea. At the end of 15 weeks, a total of 75 candidates will take part in the TV reality show, 15 candidates walking away with 5 million each, to put into their business/business idea.

The general public will have an opportunity to take part in this TV show by applying. Applications forms can be picked from any Bank of Africa Branches in Kampala. Similarly the application forms will be available online and on social media.  Applicants can also sms the word CASH, their name and location to 8338 to participate. It should be noted that all applicants must be between 18 to 35 years of age.