Main uses of internet in Kenya a cause for concern

MaasaiAccording to the second Julisha report 59 per cent of internet users in Kenya access the web to download movies, images and music, as well as watch television.

The report, conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), shows the top uses of the internet worldwide are communicating with colleagues and the search for information, which were at 64 per cent and 75 per cent respectively.

IDC further noted users under 35 years of age were less likely to use the internet for business related activity.

Notably 30 per cent of downloads are of computer and video games. The report released on February 15 registered another 25 per cent of users who use the internet for peer-to-peer file sharing of documents and movies.

These are worrying statistics for the developing music and software industry with the likelihood the majority of downloads were illegal, key to the increasing piracy in the country.

Just two months ago, the Kenya Copyright Board destroyed counterfeit goods, including pirated audio visual material, weighing one ton, the third such occurrence in less than a year.

What will further concern the government is the low numbers utilising the internet for business and education, with the report placing it at 33 per cent for those accessing information on goods and services, while purchase of goods and services consists of just 8 per cent.

Credit: HumanIPO

Jeddy Genrwot

Jeddy "The Jedi" is a budding professional with extensive conceptual knowledge in Web Development technologies and Computer Systems. "In like" with the Internet Startup space and cloud computing. A passionate gamer and social media enthusiast.
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