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More Than 500,000 Google Reader Users Migrate to Feedly

Feedly, a news aggregator which promised to make the migration from Google Reader — which is being shut down on July 1 — seamless, has already seen an influx of over 500,000 Reader users.

“More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the feedly community over the last 48 hours. We love passionate readers. Welcome on board,” said Feedly on its official blog.

And that’s not all: Feedly’s Twitter account is buzzing with activity, with new users asking about features and new versions of the software, and Feedly’s iOS app has quickly become the top free app in Apple’s App Store.

feedly tweet copy

To cope with all the new users and their feedback, Feedly has upped its bandwidth by 10x, added new servers and launched a suggestion forum for new features.

Of course, Feedly is not the only alternative to Google Reader, but its example shows how a smaller service can benefit from a big player exiting its space.

Credit: Mashable

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