Malawi Google site hacked

Google Malawi is one of the sites which was hacked by a Bangladeshi hacker, along with other notable websites in the southern African country.

Reports suggest that they hacked into the Malawi – .mw – Domain Registrar website, after which they targeted master and slave DNS servers and further used a DNS poisoning attack to target top domains.

After the DNS poisoning attack they are alleged to have changed the DNS records for the affected domains. This caused the domain names to  be pointed to their own web server which had the defaced page.

Reports and messages left allegedly by the hacker, TiGER-M@TE, suggest the popular hacker this time around teamed up with another only known as h311 c0d3 for an extensive hacking and defacement campaign which seems to have mainly targeted Malawi domain registry.

Zone-H records show that the two hackers managed to deface Malawi Google, Malawi Yahoo and Malawi MSN.

Going through the Zone-H records also shows many more websites which were defaced by the two hackers during the said campaign.

The Malawi Domain Registrar has since fixed this with the relevant websites now resolving as they should.


Source: HumanIPO


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