Just a day after the launch of  Konza Technology City  Project, the Kenyan government has continued to demonstrate increased support for the ICT industry  by launching a $1.6 million public-private sector partnership with NaiLab to create a Tech Business Incubation program that supports Kenyan ICT startups.

NaiLab has been contracted by the Kenya ICT Board (KICTB) to pilot the National Business Incubation program for companies with high growth potential. This project is an initiative of the Kenyan Ministry of Information and Communications under the World Bank funded Kenya Transparency & Infrastructure Project.

NaiLab is a Kenyan Tech Business Incubator based in Nairobi that was launched two years ago. It’s goal is to lower the entry barriers for ICT entrepreneurs who want to start and scale their businesses in Kenya. Business Incubation provides entrepreneurs with access to critical information, education, contacts, capital and other resources crucial to the growth of the business.

Several startups have graduated from the NaiLab including Tusqee which developed a system that allows schools to send children’s grades to their parents by SMS. MyOrder  created a mobile application that allows every street vendor to open his or her own mobile web shop, allowing customers to order and pay by mobile phone. These and more success stories justify the Government’s choice to partner with  Nailab