CES: Ubuntu is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next month

Ubuntu is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next monthBut it's not quite finished yet
Ubuntu is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next month
But it’s not quite finished yet

LINUX VENDOR Canonical revealed that it will launch Ubuntu for Phones on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in February.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Canonical revealed that it will launch its Ubuntu Linux mobile operating system on Google’s last generation Nexus in a matter of weeks. Canonical said that it will be available as a download, and that the Galaxy Nexus will be the only phone that the software will be available on for now.

The company unveiled Ubuntu for Phones earlier this month, offering users the full Linux experience on a smaller screen. The operating system has been designed to work with both low-end and high-end smartphones, and Canonic

al said that it supports existing HTML5 apps such as those designed by Google.

Speaking at the operating system’s launch, Mark Shuttleworth, VP of Canonical and founder of Ubuntu said, “Your average Android developer is already using Ubuntu, as it is the typical developer platform,” adding that he expects these people to have no difficulty in supporting the new operating system.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get our hands on the Ubuntu for Phones operating system at Canonical’s booth at the Las Vegas technology show, with Canonical telling us that the software is not yet finished.

However, the firm was able to give us a quick glimpse at Ubuntu running on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone ahead of its launch in a few weeks time, and we were pretty impressed with what was on show. Ubuntu for Phones will certainly appeal to Linux fans if its appearance if anything to go by, offering users a full-blown version of the operating system. It seems pretty slick on first impressions too, but be sure to check back soon for a more in depth look at Ubuntu for Phones.

Credit: TheInquirer


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