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Fujitsu unveils smartphone that monitors skin condition, collects data to sell

Disney’s portrayal of asking the mirror on the wall how beautiful you are is way out of date, now all you need to do is ask Fujitsu‘s latest smartphone. Revealed in Japan today, the device features an application calledhada memori (literally “skin memory”) that checks users’ skin conditions for blemishes and healthy color.

Sounds like it ranks right up there with Honda’s pink Fit targeted for women; the one with a windshield that prevents wrinkles and uses air conditioning to improve skin quality.

Fujitsu says its new smartphone will even give users the choice of sharing their data on their social network of choice. That way you can prove to all your Facebook friends how beautiful your phone thinks you are, but more importantly so beauty product companies can target you for advertising.

A spokeswoman demonstrated that the app works with a small plastic card that has a 15 millimeter hole in it, which must be pressed against the user’s cheek. The phone’s camera takes a picture, and the system goes to work analyzing your perfect (or imperfect) pores.

The hada memori is apparently the first of such services Fujitsu is planning, with more to come that will monitor stress levels, exercise habits, and quality of sleep, all with the goal of amassing valuable information to sell. No, really, Fujitsu senior manager Hayuru Ito openly says the company will begin to offer the data to those who provide health services eventually. He adds that they hope to reach one million users over the next two years.


Credit: JapanDailyPress


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