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Earlier this month, LinkedIn announced that they have redesigned the look and, to some extent, the function, of their company pages. Now welcome the new LinkedIn profile page unveiled last week with a revamped editing platform designed to make it easier to build a professional identity.

Jeff Weiner CEO at LinkedIn said, during the unveiling that  LinkedIn is about connecting people with opportunities at scale. Professionals are our exclusive focus. Over time, we’ve seen that only a handful of companies in the world that can connect hundreds of millions of people instantly–but only LinkedIn does so for professionals. The company now has 175 million members, up from 32 million in January 2009.

Deep Nishar, senior vice president of products and user experience at LinkedIn, said that there are three tenants to the new profile layout: simplify, grow and everyday. He further explained that means simplifying the stream and user experience as well as growing a person’s visibility to other users.

Based on the concept of simplification, the profiles feature a more visual design with a larger picture, tools allowing for easier editing, and latest activity featured prominently on top.

The right sidebar has also been rethought to include insights on the user’s network through graphs, as well as photos of recent visitors and LinkedIn members who are similar to that person.

The new page streamlines profile editing, with new tools to connect you with your professional network. Top of the page is simpler, with a more prominent photo. Also at the top: a more, yes, Facebook-like (and Twitter-like) section to update your activities instantly. It’s also easier to add new products, skills, etc. on the profile.

There are also more visual indications of your connections. You can zero in on companies, groups, and locations that you have in common with another person with a quick look at his or her profile. Essentially, it’s easier to find common ground more quickly.

You will have a  personalized home page which is much simpler, and the stream on the left-hand site is more visually compelling. (A little like Google+, to me) Also, there are notifications in a drop-down box at the top showing the latest activity on connections, activity posts, endorsements, etc.

Now on to mobile, LinkedIn users will not  need to wedge the company’s app activity between other activities, you will only have to click on updates, for instance, and you get top news from LinkedIn Today, as well as recommended jobs that you can then save with a click and other activity.

To get the new profile, you have to send a request here sample to experiment on the new look because it has not been rolled out to users.

Source: linkedin


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