Accordingly, the Commission has a right to set up policies on the use of the radio spectrum for different services including broadcasting so as to ensure efficient utilisation of the resource.

UCC is undertaking a study on spectrum optimisation in the FM frequency band. There are many FM radio stations for which the findings of the study will guide the Commission on their future management before it is too late.

The study will streamline the operations of the radio stations recognising the need for well-defined broadcast coverage areas, technical standards for both the transmitter equipment and broadcast studios.

The majority of the broadcasters are self-provisioning in terms of the broadcaster infrastructure which mainly includes transmitter and studio structures.

By this public notice, the Commission informs the general public that, a moratorium will be placed on licensing of new FM stations for a period of three months during which period the study will be conducted. The public will further be advised accordingly when the exercise has been completed.

Source: UCC